Proactive Client

Merculia specializes in communication protocols, maintaining data gateways, designing platform infrastructure, creating a cloud environment set up for success. Merculia provides the cost-effective deployment solution to deliver viable business outcomes.

Merculia uses flexible automation approach to provide agility while leveraging existing investments by looking after the client’s most current infrastructure, processes and environments.

Network &
Database Solutions

Merculia excels in migrating from on-premises data centers and various workloads to cloud based models. Finding the right data center support is about providing the proper set of device to give you a great start.

Merculia provides the agility your business needs, by automating the delivery of personalized IT services, a single solution for private cloud release automation, and support for various release automation tools, abstracted from diverse infrastructure services.


Application development focused on innovative approach, confidently user-focused and business-driven from business analysis to custom UX/UI design to a complete mobile application development.